North Korea launches intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan | USA TODAY
Published Date: 10/4/2022
North Korea launched an intermediate-range missile as part of weapons testing designed to strike critical targets of regional U.S. allies. RELATED: Vladimir Putin annexes regions of Ukraine | USA TODAY It is the most significant missile test by North Korea since January, when it fired the Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile capable of reaching the U.S. territory of Guam. It is also the first time that a North Korea missile has flown over Japan since 2017. The United States said it strongly condemns North Korea’s “dangerous and reckless decision” to launch what it described as a “long-range ballistic missile” over Japan. “This action is destabilizing and shows (North Korea’s) blatant disregard for United Nations Security Council resolutions and international safety norms,” it said. The Japanese prime minister’s office said at least one missile fired from North Korea flew over Japan and was believed to have landed in the Pacific Ocean. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: » Watch more on this and other topics from USA TODAY: » USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR. #NorthKorea #Japan #Military